METS is a medical trading company specializing in importing, manufacturing, developing and selling medical equipment.

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Company Profile


Company name METS INC.
Headquarters Address 1-7 Senjunaka-cho,Adachi-ku,Tokyo, JAPAN
ZIP : 120-0036
Branch office Osaka,Iwate,Nagano,Fukuoka
L&E center Nagareyama-shi, Chiba Japan
PrIncipal officer Mitsuhiro Fukuda / President
Start of operations 17th November,1986
Business of operations Import and sales of medical materials and medical equipments
Design and manufacture of optical equipments
Business items Imported products:
Blue Sensor Electrodes, Late potential cardiograph & Biomedical Test Equipment & etc.
Manufacturing products:
Video microscope, Surgical loupe & etc.
Paid-in capital 10 million [JP_YEN]
Annual sales amount 740 million [JP_YEN] / from JULY 2017 to JUN 2018
Number of employees 46
Number of Cooperative Domestic Local dealers More than 800
Main bank Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Senju office
Major customers Hospitals:
Tokyo University, Teikyo University, Sakakibara Memorial, Tokyo Women's Medical College, Tohoku University, Iwate Medical College, Yokohama Municipal University, Fujisawa Municipal, Nagoya University, National Nagoya, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Kokura Memorial, Industrial Medical College, etc.
Medical Dealers:
GE Healthcare Japan, Mutou, MM Corporation, Sanshodo, Masutomi, ITI, etc


1986 Established METS INC.
Started designing and production of video microscope by CCD camera.
1987 Developed Ergometer.
1988 Developed VideoMicroScope.
1990 Established Tokyo office.
Gained Licence for sales of medical equipments.
Gained Licence for import and sales of medical equipments.
Started importing and sales of cardiac electrodes "Blue sensor" from Medicotest A/S,(Ambu Inc.)Denmark.
1991 Started relationship with NEC Medical Systems in the sales of "Blue Sensor".
1993 Established Tsukuba Warefouse.
1994 Started relationship with 25 domestic dealers.
2001 Moved Tokyo office to Senjunaka-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Japan.
2004 Started importing and sales of SpO2 sensor from CJM Inc.
2005 Started importing and sales of Biomedical Test Instruments from Datrend Systems Inc. Republic of Canada.
Started importing and sales of SpO2 sensor from Nuova Inc. Germany.
2008 Established Kansai office.
Moved Tokyo Headquarters to Senjunaka-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Japan.
Started sales of Medical Equipment Management System"Me-ARC".
2010 Started sales of RFID Tag System from AeroScout Inc.
2012 Started sales of Disinfection data archiver "DI-ARC".
2013 Established L&Ecenter.
2015 Started sales of Bar-code Reader. 
2016 Started importing and sales of FFP Thawing Apparatus from  Barkey GmbH & Co. KG. Republic of Germany.
2017 Started importing and sales of room decontamination equipment from  AMITY International of UK.

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